Questions and Answers

1) What are the main features and benefits of your products or services as a craft distiller?

As a craft distiller, our unique features and benefits set us apart in the world of spirits:

    Small Batch Production: Craft distillers take pride in creating small quantities of high-quality spirits. This allows us to pay meticulous attention to detail and experiment with a wide range of flavors and ingredients12.

    Innovation and Creativity: We embrace flexibility, experimenting with various ingredients, flavor profiles, and aging techniques. Our goal is to push the boundaries of traditional distillation, resulting in distinctive and innovative spirits1.

    Hands-On Approach: Craft distillers are hands-on throughout the production process. We blend traditional and innovative techniques, including fermenting, distilling, re-distilling, blending, infusing, and warehousing, to create spirits that reflect our vision and expertise3.

    Superior Coverage: For craft breweries, our Signature Craft + Distillery insurance package provides protection against unique risks. It covers contingencies like contamination, product recalls, packaging errors, and damaged stock. We’re committed to solving your toughest placement challenges with superior coverage at competitive rates4.

In summary, our craft distillery combines artistry, science, and passion to deliver exceptional spirits to discerning connoisseurs.

2) What do your products or services differ from your competitors?

Local Ingredients: Kiss sources unique Thai ingredients, infusing their spirits with regional flavors

Small-Batch Production: We focus on quality through small-batch production.