Our Story

Kiss Spirits, founded in 2014, embarked on a three-year journey to secure its license. 

The dynamic duo behind this venture consists of Ronny from Belgium and Jeab from Thailand. 

Their passion for spirits led them to establish their own banana and sugarcane farm, where they cultivate the key ingredient for their libations.

Using the Muller Aroma Distiller from Germany, they craft an array of delightful spirits, including:

Vodka: A clear and versatile spirit, perfect for cocktails or sipping.

Rum: A rich and flavorful choice, often associated with tropical vibes. (Rum agricole)

Gin: Infused with juniper berries, gin offers a refreshing and aromatic experience.

Grappa: A grape-based spirit with Italian origins, known for its bold character.

Fruit Liquors: These vibrant concoctions capture the essence of various fruits, adding a burst of flavor to any occasion.

So, whether you’re sipping a banana-infused cocktail or enjoying a classic gin-tonic, raise your glass to the creative spirits of Kiss! 

Cheers !