Dear Bar, Restaurant, and Hotel Owners,

Allow me to introduce ourself—we are Jeab and Ronny, we are a Cocktail sommelier. Our passion lies in creating delightful and affordable cocktails that leave a lasting impression on your patrons. Today, We extend an exciting offer to you: “Kiss Cocktails.”

What Are Kiss Cocktails? Kiss Cocktails are a collection of 12 mouthwatering concoctions that blend simplicity with flavor. Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or a novice bartender, these drinks are designed to be easy to prepare without compromising on taste.

Our Offer to You:

   Free Menu Creation: We’ll craft a customized menu for your establishment, complete with your business logo. This menu will showcase the full range of Kiss Cocktails, enticing your guests with vibrant descriptions and eye-catching visuals.

    Interior Banner: To further elevate the Kiss Cocktail experience, we’ll design an attractive banner for display within your venue. Let it beckon your patrons to explore our delightful drink offerings.

    Flexible Options: We understand that every establishment has unique preferences. If you’d like to feature only 5 of our Kiss Cocktails, that’s absolutely fine. The choice is yours!

Why Choose Kiss Cocktails?

    Affordability: Our recipes use readily available ingredients, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on taste.

    Customer Appeal: Kiss Cocktails are designed to please a wide range of palates, from the adventurous to the classic.

    Profit Boost: By offering these delectable drinks, you’ll not only enhance your guests’ experience but also increase your revenue.

How to Get Started: Contact us today, and let’s embark on this flavorful journey together. Tomorrow, armed with our Kiss Cocktails, you’ll be a master mixologist, delighting your patrons and enhancing your establishment’s reputation.

Cheers to creativity, simplicity, and unforgettable sips! 

Warm regards,


Jeab & Ronny

Cocktail Sommelier

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