Let’s distill the essence of this Thai White Rum:

Origin: Crafted from real Thai sugarcane, this rum embodies the sun-kissed fields and tropical warmth.

Smoothness: Silken and gentle, it glides across the palate, revealing earthy undertones.

Flavor Symphony: Hints of grass, sunlight, and tranquility dance harmony. 

Serving Suggestions:

Pure Elegance: Sip it chilled, envisioning ocean waves and warm sands.

Mixology Magic: Pair with cola, Sprite, tonic, Sweppes Lemon, or fruit juices.

Cocktail Canvas: Create your own tropical masterpiece.

In a glass of Thai White Rum, find whispers of paradise and moonlit secrets.


Giniver Gin: Ah, a spirited voyage through time and botanicals! 🌿 Allow me to unfurl the fragrant tale of this infused Gin, where juniper berries play.

Genever Roots: Picture the Dutch taverns, where Genever flowed like stories. Giniver, born in the Netherlands, danced with juniper and herbs. Later, across the English Channel, it shed its syllables and emerged as “Gin.”

London Dry Elegance:

    Juniper’s Embrace: Juniper berries—the heartbeat of Giniver. They lend their piney soul, creating a symphony of crispness. This is no ordinary gin; it’s a London dry style, refined and timeless.

Delicious pure with ice or mixed with Coke, Sprite, Tonic, Sweppes Lemon or 

fruit juices. It’s also a perfect cocktail basis for Gin tonic.

625 and 330 ml

   Korenwijn: A name that resonates with the Dutch landscape, where windmills spin tales and tulips sway in the breeze. 🇳🇱🌷 Allow me to unveil the essence of this Holland-style Gin, a spirited creation that marries tradition with botanical magic.

    Herbal Harmony: Korenwijn, akin to an old friend, carries the whispers of herbs and the embrace of juniper berries. It’s as if the Dutch countryside conspired to infuse its essence into every drop.

    Korenwijn is the refined sibling—the kind of Genever that waltzes with elegance. 🕊️

    Juniper Boldness: Picture the juniper bushes, their berries plump and fragrant. Korenwijn captures this essence, amplifying it into a symphony of flavor. The juniper sings louder here, a bold crescendo.

 Serving Suggestions:

    Pure Reverie: Imagine a frost-kissed glass, the liquid within crystal-clear. Korenwijn, chilled, awaits. Sip it pure, let the juniper dance on your tongue, and feel the Dutch spirit awaken.

   Alchemy in Motion: Mixology beckons! 🍸

        Tonic: Bubbles and botanicals tango. A sip of effervescent intrigue.

        Sweppes Lemon: Tangy notes brighten the juniper’s depths.

        Fruit Juices: Pineapple, orange, passion fruit—pick your muse. Create a libation canvas.

So, raise your glass, honor the juniper, and let Korenwijn transport you to the heart of Holland.  The Dutch sky is your limit.

625 ml



Banana Phrik sounds like a delightful concoction! It’s fascinating how culinary creativity can blend seemingly contrasting flavors. Let’s explore this intriguing spirit:

Description: A sweet spirit crafted from sweet golden bananas, boasting a 40% alcohol content.

Flavor Fusion: The double aroma distillation process ensures an intensified and authentic banana flavor. But here’s the twist: it’s also infused with hot chili pepper!

So, in the spirit of culinary adventure, Banana Phrik dances between sweet and spicy, much like a daring tango on the taste buds.

Very delicious pure with ice or mixed with Coke, Sprite, Tonic or fruit juices. It’s a perfect cocktail mixer.

625 and 330 ml


Nottambulo, the Italian term for “he who lives in the night,” is a captivating spirit that weaves its story through the moonlit vineyards. 


     Origin: Crafted from grapes harvested in the serene vineyards of Suan Pheung, nestled to the west of Kanchanaburi.

    Aroma: The gentle embrace of the grape skin and its seeds imparts a soft and pleasant fragrance.

    Distillation: The alchemical dance of double distillation refines this elixir, elevating it to a 40% alcohol content—a symphony of taste notes.

    Taste: Imagine sipping moonbeams and secrets—the finer taste of Nottambulo unfolds like a nocturnal melody.

In the quiet hours, when stars whisper and shadows dance, Nottambulo emerges a tribute to the enigmatic night.

625 and 330 ml



In the heart of Thailand’s northern soil, where sun-kissed fields cradle secrets, the humble potato dreams. It yearns for metamorphosis, to shed its earthly skin and ascend beyond the farmer’s spade.

Alchemists gather: a clandestine fellowship. Their fur-lined coats brush against copper stills, and their breaths hang like mist. Tonight, they birth “Matryoshka” a spirit woven from whispers and starch.

Matryoshka, the wooden sentinel, stands vigilant. Her painted eyes hold tales… the laughter of village elders, the tears of monsoons, and echoes of rice paddies. 

“Forty percent,” they declare, crystal-clear glasses raised. The room hums. Matryoshka smiles; magic nears. First sip—an embrace of warmth, a dance of fireflies on the tongue. Smooth as silk, fierce as a monsoon’s kiss.

Delicious pure with ice or mixed with Coke, Sprite, Tonic, Sweppes Lemon 

or in cocktails. 




A sun-kissed potion, kissed by mangoes and cradled at 28% Alc. Savor it solo or blend it into a tropical symphony with Mango juice, Sprite, Tonic, or fruit nectars. Mango daiquiris, anyone? 625 and 330 ml


A delicate embrace of lychee sweetness (also 28% Alc). Mix it with moonlight and stardust for a celestial libation …

Mixed with Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Lemon Tonic or fruit juices. It’s a perfect cocktail mixer.

625 and 330 ml



A sip of paradise—coconut-flavored and ready to whisk you away (28% Alc). Close your eyes, and you’re on a hammock by the beach.It’s a perfect cocktail mixer (pina colada!).

625 and 330 ml


Sweet liquor with Durian taste. 28 % Alc.

Very delicious pure with ice or mixed with Coke, Sprite, Tonic or fruit juices. 

It’s a perfect cocktail mixer.

625 and 330 ml


A cosmic concoction with starfruit as its muse (28% Alc). Mix it with stardust or your favorite soda.

Mixed with Coke, Sprite, Tonic or fruit juices. 

625 and 330 ml


Sweet liquor with Peach taste. 28 % Alc.

Very delicious pure with ice or mixed with Coke, Sprite, Tonic or fruit juices. 

It’s a perfect cocktail mixer.

625 and 330 ml